Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful 2017. Congratulations to Ellie n Ash and Denyse n Stephen who got engaged over Christmas.

2016 was a strange year, I loved getting together with family and friends at both my sister-in-law’s and our weddings in the spring. Huge thanks to Gareth for a moving speech and being the best ‘bestman’. Huge love and appreciation to my Mum and Dad without whom a wedding would not have been possible (and for childcare, babysitting, Christmas treats and general awesomeness). We really did have a lovely time, Sarah and Johnny’s wedding was even featured in ‘Roll n’ Roll Bride’ Magazine. The hen do’s were fabulous too. We have had some lovely breaks both in Washington, Battle and Cornwall. It was Jules and Ev’s 50th and Gym’s 60th this year. Granddad Brian returned to England from Majorca. We visited family in Birmingham at Christmas and in East Grinstead where we ate gorgeous meals and drunk fizz. The girls Lily and Poppy have gone from strength to strength, they are happy and cheeky most of the time. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends.

2016 does seem to have been full of depression, tragedy and unhappy events. Sending love and hugs across the continents to Richard.

I really hope 2017 will be better!


Christmas Time!

15284869_10154140488138730_1346711395717250580_n We are so busy in our house at the moment, I bet all households are the same. Rushing around getting presents wrapping them, hiding them. Going to see Santa, organizing secret Santa, reindeer trips, carol services, nativities, Christmas fairs, visiting relatives, work dos and school discos, all on top of the usual stuff. I love it but I do feel like I am chasing my tail at the moment and I have finally been struck down with the cold I have been smugly avoiding til now!

I would love to be putting my feet up with a mulled wine around a log fire with my family right now but it does take a lot of planning, no wonder we are shattered by the New Year! I think January should be celebrated for its grey normality and it dull blandness (sorry its is the cold talking).

I am so looking forward to going to my sister-in-laws, huge shame my parents can’t make it, but we always have a great time drinking cocktails whilst peeling vegetables, putting the the turkey in it’s marinading bath a la Nigella. Eating ridiculously fabulous meals lovingly prepared by Sarah and giant lumps of deliciously rich cake and trays of tea. I am truly blessed to have so many fabulous family and friends to share the festive season with and sometimes we really need to take time out of the hustle and bustle of preparations the smell the cinnamon scented chocolate covered roses of Christmas.



Cotton Club Sew

We are back after half term at Sewing Class and it is great! We have started our Christmas projects, we are making wreaths. The class is called ‘Cotton Club Sew’ and is at The Jubilee Center, it is run by Abi Currer and provides classes for beginners, children and the more capable. I love it, we have a great group of ladies, Abi works at a ballroom dress designers in London so is even in the profession. I started three years ago with only my self taught knowledge, huge enthusiasm and love of the television programme ‘The Sewing Bee’. I have made aprons, pj’s, dresses, jackets, Christmas stockings, bags, cushions and all manner of projects. I have fallen in love with machine embroidery and made some ring cushions for my sister-in-laws wedding which I am very proud of.

 I really love it, I just wish I had more time to do it, thank goodness for the classes.


It has been a while


I haven’t posted for a while, it has been my birthday and half term. My birthday was great I had my hair done, got new trainers, the Bruce Springsteen bio and a fab sewing hoodie. My birthday was a Saturday which was nice and we went to The Star in Lingfield with the family for lunch. It was really good; great service & smashing food. It was my girls cousin Roxy’s 5th birthday and we went to TGI’s on the Sunday, the girls loved it and we played at the arcade in the bowling alley too. Half term was wonderful despite working half the week. My husband, Ev’s, had the week off and took the girls fishing and to Sheffield park to pick up autumn leaves, on the Wednesday we went up to Birmingham to see my sister-in-law which is always fab. We went to her Clubbercise class which is such a great workout, if you haven’t done it you must, it is just like a night club; dark with flashing lights and banging TUNES but no booze and you can really go for it as it is only an hour. Holly in Birmingham is brilliant she loves some really down and dirty hardcore. We went to Kennilworth Castle and it was great, Lily is now a Knight and has a medal in sword skills. We went round the charity shops and picnicked in Shirley park. I went to ‘Guthrie and Ghani’ sewing shop which was so beautiful and full of gorgeous fabrics and fab ideas. It is in Moseley and is run by Lauren, a finalist from the ‘Sewing Bee’. They provide workshops too, I wish!

I have been quite blue since my wedding in May, probably to do with being ill for so long, the acid re-flux medication is messing with me bad, my thyroid is all over the place, money is tight and I feel fatter than ever despite my plans and efforts. The kids seem to be at each other all the time but I don’t have to energy to deal with it.

I guess that is why I haven’t posted but I am trying to turn things around. I know I need to exercise but it always makes me feel better. But food is my way of coping and getting the energy to move so it is gonna be a long hard road. It is the first time I have seriously thought of surgery but I think it is financially out of the question.

Sorry about the moan, I really know that I have the best life, I have a great husband, fab kids, nice house, well paid job, supportive parents and a lovely brother. My extended family couldn’t be nicer and I have loads of great friends, what more could a girl want!


My Voice is back!

My voice is back! I am so pleased to be functioning again. I was without a voice for over three mounts. After the procedure to look at my throat (general anastetic) in mid August when they took and biopsy. I had a couple of weeks so sore it hurt to speak followed by a fabulous weeks holiday in North Cornwall. And I have been feeling much better ever since. I hadn’t heard anything from the hospital so guessed everything was fine after all ‘no  is good news’. I did have a speech therapy appointment last Friday which was very interesting, it turns out that I have acid reflux, I know, I had no idea stomach problem could affect voice and I guess it was a shame they didn’t fine that out ten years ago when I had it before, it is also a symptom of hypothyroidism. All road leads back to the blinking thyroid!

So as part of acid reflux treatment I have to take anti reflux medication. I have to cut out spice food and tomato based food, cut down caffeine, drink 2 litres or more of water a day, sleep well, never whisper, oh and stop coughing! Yes that right stop coughing. I would seem the persistent cough I have had for years it also down to acid reflux.

I think my raucous laugh could be a problem! Oh no 🙂


This week I have been thinking about what we leave are kids with, not worldly goods but life tools. This was prompted by my youngest turning 3 years old this week. She copies everything I say, this week she said to her sister, when she wouldn’t give her what she wanted ‘I am angry now and I have had enough’, I know! So something I have said!  I have genitcally passed on my height,  my laugh & constipation, it is a mixed bag! I am also dyslexic and apparently this is not hereditary. I have taught both my girls politeness, table manner, smiliness, to speak up and hopefully to treat other as you would like to be treated, oh and volume (loud). But I am overweight and I do worry that they will learn that too! I worry that they will get my thyriod problems and the depression that comes with that. 

Lily is a tall girl and I see her eating anything, loving food and trying all food, she is over the average weight-wise, but over the average height by the me percentage. My other daughter Poppy who as treated exactly the same and has the same opportunities has no interest in food at all, she will start a biscuit and when she does not want any more she will walk away and leave it. I know I wish I could do that, I think that is what thin people do! 

So I have added somebody extra pressure to my life trying to clean up my act food and exercise wise, of course I went completely mad and did a ‘legs, bums and tums class’ Monday, a gym session Wednesday and ‘Clubbercise’ (love) on Thursday and now I have a pulled muscle in my leg and I am in so much pain. So maybe my body is protesting going from zero to hundred in one week, bum! 

Food is an issue for a lot of people and there is so much confusing and conflicting information, I don’t know where to turn. I have done weight watchers and slimming world and neither float my boat. My thyriod problem makes things difficult and again more conflicting information as to how to treat.  I want to be here for my girls for as long as possible, I hate the idea they will have babies without a Grandma to babysit. 

I want to help them thought the mine field of education and going out to work. I want them to know that happiness is so much more important than anything and to always be true to yourself. I want them to dream big and know that anything is possible as long as they put there mind to it.  I have spent my life trying to please others and taking bad advise, as a result I don’t work at my dream job. Don’t get me wrong the company I work for are great at accomadating the children, pay well and is very convenient, but I should be working in the arts! 

There is a lot of pressure to be the best parent and to be skinny and earn a fortune and live a certain way. I want them to know it is ok to be different, it is okay to ruffle a few feathers to get what you want. Most of all I want to be with them and to do that I need to put my back into it.

North Cornwall

We have just retuned from a Fabulous holiday in Camelford North Cornwall.  We went for a week with Nanny and Grandad and the dog to a four bed bungalow as my Mum has trouble getting around and we need wheelchair access. We are familiar with this area but normally go out of season and we were really unsure what it would be like. I broke my hone on the first day but there was very little 4G although many pubs and restaurants had wifi, I felt like I had a limb cut off! (I know how sad). There were a few beaches we could take the dog and the children, unfortunately none of these were wheel chair accessible but never the less we all enjoyed the sea and then rock pools. You can’t beat a holiday in this country if you get the weather and we had great weather. The traffic was heavy going at times but the M25 is a curse whatever the day !

It is always nice to get home and start getting things ready of a new term but we all feel like we had a great break! I hope you all had such a good summer holidays! X


OMG! I am so so hot! I know the extra layers of fat are not helping but these last two have been mental. Me and the girls have had some fun. We went to a free splash pad in Victorjmia Park in Haywards Heath today. It was packed but went went early and had a great time. We have a fab and again free trip to the library which is great both the girls love bOoks and the ‘Big Friendly Read’ has inspired Lily and I am loving the free coffee from Waistrose, god they know what a hard work Mum needs. Oh and big heads up to the Piña Colada ice lollies from waitrose alcohol free but yummy!

I am off to have a cool shower and try to sleep, good luck all!
(Blimey how British to cpmplain about finally getting the right weather for e season xx)

Olympic Gold!

Oh wow, hasn’t the Rio Olympics been amazing. It has really showcased the massive committment required to be top of your game. I have loved showing my daughter Lily, who is six years old, the amazing possibilities of sport. We have watched archery, gymnastics, cycling, hockey, swimming, track and field, diving, box,  football, weight lifting, canoeing and rowing and she loved them all and wants to try them all. I am so looking forward to showing her Mo Farrah’s race tomorrow, I am a huge distant running fan. I think she will get a kick out of the Brownlee in the triathlon.

It has shone a light on my  terrible geography and international knowledge. Lily has asked so many fantastic questions about countries nationalities and cultures. Why do weight lifters have beards? Why do the girls wear head protection in box get and not the girls? Where is Uzbekistan? Can I do taewando? What do canoeists do if they turn over?

I hope the para Olympics have just great coverage, that will really blow her mind! I heard her say to Poppy this morning; ‘you cannot say you can’t if you haven’t even tried’. I think we better go out with the bike tomorrow.

For me it is great that we have received so many medals but also to see the work and the effort even those who don’t take a medal home have put in. The dedication (thank you Roy Castle) and the year round preparation need to succeed. It is a good lesson for us all!