Christmas Time!

15284869_10154140488138730_1346711395717250580_n We are so busy in our house at the moment, I bet all households are the same. Rushing around getting presents wrapping them, hiding them. Going to see Santa, organizing secret Santa, reindeer trips, carol services, nativities, Christmas fairs, visiting relatives, work dos and school discos, all on top of the usual stuff. I love it but I do feel like I am chasing my tail at the moment and I have finally been struck down with the cold I have been smugly avoiding til now!

I would love to be putting my feet up with a mulled wine around a log fire with my family right now but it does take a lot of planning, no wonder we are shattered by the New Year! I think January should be celebrated for its grey normality and it dull blandness (sorry its is the cold talking).

I am so looking forward to going to my sister-in-laws, huge shame my parents can’t make it, but we always have a great time drinking cocktails whilst peeling vegetables, putting the the turkey in it’s marinading bath a la Nigella. Eating ridiculously fabulous meals lovingly prepared by Sarah and giant lumps of deliciously rich cake and trays of tea. I am truly blessed to have so many fabulous family and friends to share the festive season with and sometimes we really need to take time out of the hustle and bustle of preparations the smell the cinnamon scented chocolate covered roses of Christmas.