Cotton Club Sew

We are back after half term at Sewing Class and it is great! We have started our Christmas projects, we are making wreaths. The class is called ‘Cotton Club Sew’ and is at The Jubilee Center, it is run by Abi Currer and provides classes for beginners, children and the more capable. I love it, we have a great group of ladies, Abi works at a ballroom dress designers in London so is even in the profession. I started three years ago with only my self taught knowledge, huge enthusiasm and love of the television programme ‘The Sewing Bee’. I have made aprons, pj’s, dresses, jackets, Christmas stockings, bags, cushions and all manner of projects. I have fallen in love with machine embroidery and made some ring cushions for my sister-in-laws wedding which I am very proud of.

 I really love it, I just wish I had more time to do it, thank goodness for the classes.


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