Cotton Club Sew

We are back after half term at Sewing Class and it is great! We have started our Christmas projects, we are making wreaths. The class is called ‘Cotton Club Sew’ and is at The Jubilee Center, it is run by Abi Currer and provides classes for beginners, children and the more capable. I love it, we have a great group of ladies, Abi works at a ballroom dress designers in London so is even in the profession. I started three years ago with only my self taught knowledge, huge enthusiasm and love of the television programme ‘The Sewing Bee’. I have made aprons, pj’s, dresses, jackets, Christmas stockings, bags, cushions and all manner of projects. I have fallen in love with machine embroidery and made some ring cushions for my sister-in-laws wedding which I am very proud of.

 I really love it, I just wish I had more time to do it, thank goodness for the classes.

It has been a while


I haven’t posted for a while, it has been my birthday and half term. My birthday was great I had my hair done, got new trainers, the Bruce Springsteen bio and a fab sewing hoodie. My birthday was a Saturday which was nice and we went to The Star in Lingfield with the family for lunch. It was really good; great service & smashing food. It was my girls cousin Roxy’s 5th birthday and we went to TGI’s on the Sunday, the girls loved it and we played at the arcade in the bowling alley too. Half term was wonderful despite working half the week. My husband, Ev’s, had the week off and took the girls fishing and to Sheffield park to pick up autumn leaves, on the Wednesday we went up to Birmingham to see my sister-in-law which is always fab. We went to her Clubbercise class which is such a great workout, if you haven’t done it you must, it is just like a night club; dark with flashing lights and banging TUNES but no booze and you can really go for it as it is only an hour. Holly in Birmingham is brilliant she loves some really down and dirty hardcore. We went to Kennilworth Castle and it was great, Lily is now a Knight and has a medal in sword skills. We went round the charity shops and picnicked in Shirley park. I went to ‘Guthrie and Ghani’ sewing shop which was so beautiful and full of gorgeous fabrics and fab ideas. It is in Moseley and is run by Lauren, a finalist from the ‘Sewing Bee’. They provide workshops too, I wish!

I have been quite blue since my wedding in May, probably to do with being ill for so long, the acid re-flux medication is messing with me bad, my thyroid is all over the place, money is tight and I feel fatter than ever despite my plans and efforts. The kids seem to be at each other all the time but I don’t have to energy to deal with it.

I guess that is why I haven’t posted but I am trying to turn things around. I know I need to exercise but it always makes me feel better. But food is my way of coping and getting the energy to move so it is gonna be a long hard road. It is the first time I have seriously thought of surgery but I think it is financially out of the question.

Sorry about the moan, I really know that I have the best life, I have a great husband, fab kids, nice house, well paid job, supportive parents and a lovely brother. My extended family couldn’t be nicer and I have loads of great friends, what more could a girl want!