My Voice is back!

My voice is back! I am so pleased to be functioning again. I was without a voice for over three mounts. After the procedure to look at my throat (general anastetic) in mid August when they took and biopsy. I had a couple of weeks so sore it hurt to speak followed by a fabulous weeks holiday in North Cornwall. And I have been feeling much better ever since. I hadn’t heard anything from the hospital so guessed everything was fine after all ‘no  is good news’. I did have a speech therapy appointment last Friday which was very interesting, it turns out that I have acid reflux, I know, I had no idea stomach problem could affect voice and I guess it was a shame they didn’t fine that out ten years ago when I had it before, it is also a symptom of hypothyroidism. All road leads back to the blinking thyroid!

So as part of acid reflux treatment I have to take anti reflux medication. I have to cut out spice food and tomato based food, cut down caffeine, drink 2 litres or more of water a day, sleep well, never whisper, oh and stop coughing! Yes that right stop coughing. I would seem the persistent cough I have had for years it also down to acid reflux.

I think my raucous laugh could be a problem! Oh no 🙂