This week I have been thinking about what we leave are kids with, not worldly goods but life tools. This was prompted by my youngest turning 3 years old this week. She copies everything I say, this week she said to her sister, when she wouldn’t give her what she wanted ‘I am angry now and I have had enough’, I know! So something I have said!  I have genitcally passed on my height,  my laugh & constipation, it is a mixed bag! I am also dyslexic and apparently this is not hereditary. I have taught both my girls politeness, table manner, smiliness, to speak up and hopefully to treat other as you would like to be treated, oh and volume (loud). But I am overweight and I do worry that they will learn that too! I worry that they will get my thyriod problems and the depression that comes with that. 

Lily is a tall girl and I see her eating anything, loving food and trying all food, she is over the average weight-wise, but over the average height by the me percentage. My other daughter Poppy who as treated exactly the same and has the same opportunities has no interest in food at all, she will start a biscuit and when she does not want any more she will walk away and leave it. I know I wish I could do that, I think that is what thin people do! 

So I have added somebody extra pressure to my life trying to clean up my act food and exercise wise, of course I went completely mad and did a ‘legs, bums and tums class’ Monday, a gym session Wednesday and ‘Clubbercise’ (love) on Thursday and now I have a pulled muscle in my leg and I am in so much pain. So maybe my body is protesting going from zero to hundred in one week, bum! 

Food is an issue for a lot of people and there is so much confusing and conflicting information, I don’t know where to turn. I have done weight watchers and slimming world and neither float my boat. My thyriod problem makes things difficult and again more conflicting information as to how to treat.  I want to be here for my girls for as long as possible, I hate the idea they will have babies without a Grandma to babysit. 

I want to help them thought the mine field of education and going out to work. I want them to know that happiness is so much more important than anything and to always be true to yourself. I want them to dream big and know that anything is possible as long as they put there mind to it.  I have spent my life trying to please others and taking bad advise, as a result I don’t work at my dream job. Don’t get me wrong the company I work for are great at accomadating the children, pay well and is very convenient, but I should be working in the arts! 

There is a lot of pressure to be the best parent and to be skinny and earn a fortune and live a certain way. I want them to know it is ok to be different, it is okay to ruffle a few feathers to get what you want. Most of all I want to be with them and to do that I need to put my back into it.


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