North Cornwall

We have just retuned from a Fabulous holiday in Camelford North Cornwall.  We went for a week with Nanny and Grandad and the dog to a four bed bungalow as my Mum has trouble getting around and we need wheelchair access. We are familiar with this area but normally go out of season and we were really unsure what it would be like. I broke my hone on the first day but there was very little 4G although many pubs and restaurants had wifi, I felt like I had a limb cut off! (I know how sad). There were a few beaches we could take the dog and the children, unfortunately none of these were wheel chair accessible but never the less we all enjoyed the sea and then rock pools. You can’t beat a holiday in this country if you get the weather and we had great weather. The traffic was heavy going at times but the M25 is a curse whatever the day !

It is always nice to get home and start getting things ready of a new term but we all feel like we had a great break! I hope you all had such a good summer holidays! X


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