Olympic Gold!

Oh wow, hasn’t the Rio Olympics been amazing. It has really showcased the massive committment required to be top of your game. I have loved showing my daughter Lily, who is six years old, the amazing possibilities of sport. We have watched archery, gymnastics, cycling, hockey, swimming, track and field, diving, box,  football, weight lifting, canoeing and rowing and she loved them all and wants to try them all. I am so looking forward to showing her Mo Farrah’s race tomorrow, I am a huge distant running fan. I think she will get a kick out of the Brownlee in the triathlon.

It has shone a light on my  terrible geography and international knowledge. Lily has asked so many fantastic questions about countries nationalities and cultures. Why do weight lifters have beards? Why do the girls wear head protection in box get and not the girls? Where is Uzbekistan? Can I do taewando? What do canoeists do if they turn over?

I hope the para Olympics have just great coverage, that will really blow her mind! I heard her say to Poppy this morning; ‘you cannot say you can’t if you haven’t even tried’. I think we better go out with the bike tomorrow.

For me it is great that we have received so many medals but also to see the work and the effort even those who don’t take a medal home have put in. The dedication (thank you Roy Castle) and the year round preparation need to succeed. It is a good lesson for us all! 


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