Stupid no voice!

I am so frustrated, my voice has been going on and off for 10 weeks since a particularly horrible cold. As anyone who knows me will tell you I like to talk, in fact I talk for a living, and singing along to the radio in my car is my favourite thing in the world, so it has been annoying, difficult and miserable. The fun of writing stuff down and squeaking soon wears off and becomes tiresome.  I had blood tests and an X ray but nothing. So yesterday I went to a specialist who put a camera up my nose which was hugely uncomfortable, he said there is some swelling in my voice box and he wants to look closer by putting me under general anaesthetic. I would be more concerned but I went though this all 10 years ago and quite frankly it doesn’t help my childcare situation. Thank god for my incredible family and accomadating work.

I want my voice back but a magic pill or medicine is what I want not all this messing about! I don’t think I’m being unreasonable!


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