3rd August 2016-how do you look after yourself?

Today I joined the gym, I know change starts with little steps but it is all very daunting when your at the bottom looking up.  I have been here before and know what I need to do. Gym 3 times a week, keep my fitbit steps above 10000 and keep the food in check. I need to find away to deal with stress and boredom that isn’t in the fridge! But where oh where do you find the time and the energy? By the time the kids are in bed I just wanna veg out and watch the television. How do Mums manage? I see all these fabulous looking Mums at the school gate who have clearly been or are going running or to the gym. I can be the only one who works and has children, when do mums fit it in? 

Wow, that did seem a little negative, I am going to swim in my lunch hour, stick to a health diet plan and get to the gym at least once a week. And try to walk, write or sew when I find myself looking to the fridge. I want so much to be a role model for my girls and I would like to be around for a very long time to be with my awesome Hubbie and beautiful girls. These are all good reasons but I also want it for shallow reasons; choosing and making myself gorgeous clothes, not sweating so much, wearing high boots, fitting though small gaps, not feeling self concisous when eating I public and most of all the doctor not blaming everything on being fat! 

I feel great to be changing things and make differences for me and my family. I am scared to fail but I am happy to know where I am going. I live with and have surrounded myself with feeders and now I have to try to switch it off! 

Watch this space this is where I plan to put my before and after pictures! 


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