OMG! I am so so hot! I know the extra layers of fat are not helping but these last two have been mental. Me and the girls have had some fun. We went to a free splash pad in Victorjmia Park in Haywards Heath today. It was packed but went went early and had a great time. We have a fab and again free trip to the library which is great both the girls love bOoks and the ‘Big Friendly Read’ has inspired Lily and I am loving the free coffee from Waistrose, god they know what a hard work Mum needs. Oh and big heads up to the Piña Colada ice lollies from waitrose alcohol free but yummy!

I am off to have a cool shower and try to sleep, good luck all!
(Blimey how British to cpmplain about finally getting the right weather for e season xx)


Olympic Gold!

Oh wow, hasn’t the Rio Olympics been amazing. It has really showcased the massive committment required to be top of your game. I have loved showing my daughter Lily, who is six years old, the amazing possibilities of sport. We have watched archery, gymnastics, cycling, hockey, swimming, track and field, diving, box,  football, weight lifting, canoeing and rowing and she loved them all and wants to try them all. I am so looking forward to showing her Mo Farrah’s race tomorrow, I am a huge distant running fan. I think she will get a kick out of the Brownlee in the triathlon.

It has shone a light on my  terrible geography and international knowledge. Lily has asked so many fantastic questions about countries nationalities and cultures. Why do weight lifters have beards? Why do the girls wear head protection in box get and not the girls? Where is Uzbekistan? Can I do taewando? What do canoeists do if they turn over?

I hope the para Olympics have just great coverage, that will really blow her mind! I heard her say to Poppy this morning; ‘you cannot say you can’t if you haven’t even tried’. I think we better go out with the bike tomorrow.

For me it is great that we have received so many medals but also to see the work and the effort even those who don’t take a medal home have put in. The dedication (thank you Roy Castle) and the year round preparation need to succeed. It is a good lesson for us all! 


What a beautiful relaxing summer Sunday.  The girls are in the paddling pool, the other half is barbecuing. We are enjoying the last of the evening sun. Pops has stayed in the pool until she is shivering and has blue lips for the second day on a row, I don’t suppose she will be difficult to get to sleep tonight. Actual me neither!

OMG! What a day!

Like every Mum this summer holidays here and before I have had one hell of a day. I don’t really know why? we did lots, I spent money on them, but it was greeted with whines and moans, shouting, hitting and pinching. You know when you become so sick of hearing your own voice. Well, they are sleeping now and I smile quietly to myself, back gently away from their bedroom and chill out in front of the telly to brace myself for tomorrow. Couldn’t , would want to, imagine life without them X

Stupid no voice!

I am so frustrated, my voice has been going on and off for 10 weeks since a particularly horrible cold. As anyone who knows me will tell you I like to talk, in fact I talk for a living, and singing along to the radio in my car is my favourite thing in the world, so it has been annoying, difficult and miserable. The fun of writing stuff down and squeaking soon wears off and becomes tiresome.  I had blood tests and an X ray but nothing. So yesterday I went to a specialist who put a camera up my nose which was hugely uncomfortable, he said there is some swelling in my voice box and he wants to look closer by putting me under general anaesthetic. I would be more concerned but I went though this all 10 years ago and quite frankly it doesn’t help my childcare situation. Thank god for my incredible family and accomadating work.

I want my voice back but a magic pill or medicine is what I want not all this messing about! I don’t think I’m being unreasonable!

Back to the grindstone!

Wow! that Monday feeling this am. We have had such a wonderful time at Aunt Sarah’s. I managed to get the unpacking and washing done last night. Can’t believe the alarm went off so soon! I can’t be bothered to iron and this protein shake ain’t doing it this morning.

Right focus! Beautiful day! Girls going to childminder, diner cooked already, gym induction Tuesday and Zumba on Thursday. And only 3 weeks until a week away in Cornwall. Let’s do this, yeah!  Well maybe not a high five but!

The Birmingham smile!

We often visit Birmingham as my sister in law lives in Hall Green. We only ever have great experiences, wether brilliant customer service, extreme friendliness, random acts of kindness and totally positive conversations! 

The city has been voted in ‘rough guides’ top ten cities but has also been marred by some bad press and racist slurs by the news and some uneducated amercians . I personally love the diversity of the city and coming from  white middle class West Sussex we dont often see a mix of cultures. 

The Tolkien festival at Sarehole Mill is an amazing festival with battle re-enactments, pottery demos, wizards and dragons. We love the asian supermarkets with their strange ingredients, odd  fruit and incredible bargins. The Bull ring is huge and exciting , it is full of every shop you could ever desire. There are cut price fabric stores which are beyond imagination and I love! The nature centre next to Edgbaston cricket ground is great value. There is Caburys world, the think tank, Baddesly Clinton, canals and the Lickey hills, but the idea wasn’t to be a tourist guide to Birmingham but to let you know about the huge friendliness of this city!

 We all laugh about how many amazing experiences have. We have had great conversations about dawali with the guys in Big Johns. One night we got a cab and the driver waived the cost of our journey because he had a good day at the dogs. Genuinely kind offers of help with directions or lifting the buggy! Today my husband had a conversation about the cricket with a random man at a zebra crossing. My girls have had lots of smiles and kindness going around the shops.

My sister in law moved here to go to university and fell in love with the place settled and had her family, she was practically adopted by Ali and his family at the Kushi in Mosley.

Birmingham is somewhere I have previously only ever seen as I landmark from the M6 when travelling to family in Stoke. But it isnt just ‘Star City’ and it is definatley worth stopping for the culture, a curry, shopping or the huge Christmas Market!  I guarantee a warm welcome.


I went to a clubbercize class tonight with my sister in law, wow what fun! I was a completely sweaty puddle of sweat by the end. It was also exhilarating, loud, hot, the music was fab and high energy. I kept up the best I could and if not I winged it! All the people were was friendly, it is in the dark so not so much self consciousness and the girl leading was mental in a Keith from prodigy sort of a way, love her! 

Well I might have found a type of exercise I like, wow who would a thunk it! I am off for a shower!!!:-)

3rd August 2016-how do you look after yourself?

Today I joined the gym, I know change starts with little steps but it is all very daunting when your at the bottom looking up.  I have been here before and know what I need to do. Gym 3 times a week, keep my fitbit steps above 10000 and keep the food in check. I need to find away to deal with stress and boredom that isn’t in the fridge! But where oh where do you find the time and the energy? By the time the kids are in bed I just wanna veg out and watch the television. How do Mums manage? I see all these fabulous looking Mums at the school gate who have clearly been or are going running or to the gym. I can be the only one who works and has children, when do mums fit it in? 

Wow, that did seem a little negative, I am going to swim in my lunch hour, stick to a health diet plan and get to the gym at least once a week. And try to walk, write or sew when I find myself looking to the fridge. I want so much to be a role model for my girls and I would like to be around for a very long time to be with my awesome Hubbie and beautiful girls. These are all good reasons but I also want it for shallow reasons; choosing and making myself gorgeous clothes, not sweating so much, wearing high boots, fitting though small gaps, not feeling self concisous when eating I public and most of all the doctor not blaming everything on being fat! 

I feel great to be changing things and make differences for me and my family. I am scared to fail but I am happy to know where I am going. I live with and have surrounded myself with feeders and now I have to try to switch it off! 

Watch this space this is where I plan to put my before and after pictures!