31st July 2016-The pros & cons of having kids late.

My god son is 22! I know I don’t look old enough. Funny women have children at any stage these days! My god son is the child of my best mate from school same class since primary school. My kids are 6 & 2 years old she was 23 when she had Ricky and I was 39 when I had my first.

I really thought it is was a disadvantage when I had lily as I have never sat at home with my girls wishing I was out with my friends. I did my partying , been there have the tshirt, l kissed alot of frogs before i found my prince and the father of my kids is fabulous and I want to be with him always. But there are pros and cons. I am tired a lot but I think that is just a mum thing rather than an age thing.  My friends have had their families and their children are having kids. So I am noticeably older than the other woman at baby groups and toddler classes!

The main difference of course is the age of grandparents, my mum and dad are both retired but although they have the time they are not in the best of health so I use a childminder who is brilliant but I do pay £££s and I do know Mums whose parents have their children daily while they work cutting costs hugely.

Having children on or around 40 has not affected my health for which I am grateful but if I had found my husband earlier, knew the joy of parenthood earlier, I know I would never have stopped at two. I don’t feel it has affect my career, except I am in the lucky position to be with a great employer, who pay well and are flexible to mums working hours.

I do worry about them and their children when they are 40 I will be 80, if I am still around. I would hate to miss the great events of their lives;  weddings, babies, university ect. But things can happen to us all at any time that is the nature of life.

So that is it really for me starting a family late led to stopping having children earlier than I would have. I often feel brewdy when I see babies. And most importantly I worried about leaving them prematurely.


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