The Triangle

28th July 2016

The summer holidays are in full swing, a week in and we are coping, between bouts of bickering, all out fighting, shouting and tantrums. All of which do happen holidays or not. My 2 year old hates being told what to do, wants to do everything herself and has no fear, this coupled with a cute mind means trouble with a capital t! My six year old is quite tolerant but there really is so much hitting and pinching anyone can take. We have loads of plans of fabulous things to do but not the budget to do them all.

We normally swim at Kings centre East Grinstead which is 10 minutes walk from home but today we fancied a change and we tried the triangle in Burgess Hill and it was fabulous. I found it easily using google maps, parking was no problem and free. It did not break the bank for swimming (off peak), under 3’s free, junior £4 and adult £6.65, it was clean and there were loads of family changing rooms. The pools were so excellent, big and small slides, baby pool, junior pool, two lazy rivers one which goes outside, bridges, water falls, the outdoor pool was disappointingly cold but I expect on a real scorching day it would be a god send, there was aqua aerobics going on and lane swimming and even though it was hugely busy we still had room and loads of fun. Cafe was good not over price and we will definitely go back another day! Smiles all round!

Next week we will try another attraction and I will let you know all about it!



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