July 27th 2016

I am Kathy, a 45 year old Mum with 2 daughters, Lily 6 years old and Poppy 2. I recently married their baby Daddy and a really fab chap, I have been with for 13 years. I work part time in a contact centre and juggle childcare, checking in on my carer Dad and disabled Mum, I love to sewing and to keep my husband happy (I know not exactly feminist statement).

We are the original noisy family, We love nothing better than the chaos of family get togethers with all of the noise and laughter that ensues. I have a gorgeous tattooed and bearded brother. I am so lucky to have the best extended family, my husbands sister and brother and their wives are awesome and I have a fabulous family in Stoke.
I know it sound idyllic does it!

I have hypothyroidism and I am obese and trying to lose weight. It seems to be losing battle, my hormones are raging and like many women I am fighting with doctors for help. I am sick of the sad looks from people who judge me for my size when I struggle everyday and probably do more things daily than most people do in a week.

The flu like virus I recently recovered from left me with no voice which is hugely frustrating for a hopeless ‘chatterbox’, I hope blogging will give me an outlet for my thoughts and feelings and give me a record of my journey/attempt to get healthy and you never know maybe other ladies going though similar struggles will know their not alone.


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