1st August 2016

I was at work today while my husband has a week off to be with the girls during school holidays. To be clear this is not the first time by far but he earns more than me, so I work part time and I have them the majority of the time. I am filled with dread as to how it will go! Mainly as I expect he will be so awesome and they will have so much fun that I will be shown up as a fraud! I would like him to know how difficult it can be sometimes as I do feel he underestimates the job I do.

However when i get home, he has had a really tough day and is full of sighs and tales of huge poos and even bigger tantrums and I realise it would be so much better if he had seen the best of them and how much joy we have everyday, the fun and the love! So here’s to tomorrow and hoping they have 

a better day. I really really mean it!


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